Knit your year 2021 – manifestation circle through knitting


The new year has arrived and with it, all the opportunities. What will you do with it?

I invite you to claim and embrace your power of manifestation and to co-create, with me and a group of women, your 2021 vision, and to energetically align yourself with its frequency for eight weeks. This will be done by knitting your reality, one stitch at a time. The knitting here serves as a support for the manifestation – you can either learn it or master it. The important thing is to create with your hands in the matter.


I started knitting in August 2019 with a group of friends. There I learned a new language, I learned to concentrate, to create, to meditate. The exercise is so therapeutic! With my hands in the wool, I started dreaming of combining energy work and knitting. It took me a long time, but here I am: the creation of a circle of knitters manifesting for the New Year.

The year 2020 will have been a challenging one for many. If we hadn’t already done so, we have discovered our reserves of resilience. It is also the year of the great awakening during which we all passed through an energetic portal that brought us to another level of consciousness. Even if it is not yet fully integrated, this new level of consciousness is there and accentuates our powers of creation of our reality. It is now up to us to make good use of it.

You are a being of manifestation and it is time to claim your powers and make this dream you carry within you a reality. This is what I propose to start the year with.

It is possible to create alone, but it is even better to create with others. The group carries a great power; each of its members reflects a part of themselves and that is why I wanted a group experience.

There’s no longer any question of paddling in the same patterns; 2021 will be beautiful. For you. For me. For us.

Together, we will clarify our vision, we will activate it, we will knit it.

Together, we will share our experience and, each week, we will activate a support energy that will guide us towards the manifestation of our goal.

It is a bit like a reading circle, but with energy themes and knitting therapy as a tool to infuse the material.


Here is what I propose to you in more details:

  • 8 weekly meetings on Zoom (the first meeting will be a workshop to clarify your vision and manifestation and will therefore be longer (details to come); the meetings that will follow will be about an hour long).
  • the energetic activation of your vision
  • the ABCs of co-creation with the Universe
  • the activation of support energies (one per week) to carry your dream and make it come true
  • the creation of a support and exchange group on Facebook to keep each other inspired and united during the week (this will also be used for knitting discussions)

It is therefore a creative adventure to become aware of what creates your reality.

If you want your intentions at the beginning of the year not to be empty words that leave with the first icy breeze of February;

If you’re tired of being close to your breakthrough;

If you want to start the year by claiming your power – with faith in your gut;

If you want to share with a group of women, to feel supported to embark on the promises of 2021;

Then sign up!

You don’t knit? Now is the best time to get started! It doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive. In fact, I encourage you to keep it simple so that you can focus on your vision rather than on a complex pattern.

There is no set pattern. It’s up to you to choose the project and the type of wool. If you still don’t have everything you need to knit on the day of the first call, it doesn’t matter. We’ll work energetically that day. You will have all the benefits of the session and can start knitting as soon as you have the wool in your hands.

When do we start?

The new moon is a sign of renewal, that’s why we start our experience close to it to use its energy, on a blank canvas. The starting workshop takes place on Saturday, January 16th at 1pm (ET). The following meetings will take place on Sundays, 1pm (ET).

*All calls will be recorded if you can’t make it.


So, what do you say? Ready to knit your dream in 2021?