3 Tools To Connect To Your Truth


Intuitive workshop to learn how to get in touch with one’s truth and intuition – one’s internal compass – using three energetic tools: the pendulum, the human pendulum and muscular testing.

Whether it is for everyday decisions, to raise one’s vibratory rate or to choose the foods most aligned with one’s physiological needs, this workshop will allow participants to clearly discern what their intuition is telling them to guide them towards their full potential, beyond the ego and the mind.


We live times of uncertainty where the outside world sends us contradictory information creating a lot of insecurity, anxiety and internal chaos. Knowing how to discern our truth through direct access to our internal compass, our intuition, is essential to keep our energy high, avoid energy leaks and realize our full potential on a daily basis. The battle between ego, mind and intuition leaves the latter often dominated and, as a result, our whole being in disconnection with what is true for us, authentic, soothing. With this workshop (up to 3 hours), I offer to guide you towards yourself using three different energy tools: the pendulum (pendulum not included), the human pendulum and the muscle testing. You will be able to center yourself and discern your truth based on :

  • what is presented to you from day to day (from the medias for example)
  • the decisions you have to make
  • your deep needs for your daily well-being (how to raise your vibration for example)
  • your physiological needs – the foods or supplements that are most aligned with your body right now

  What do you really want? What is true? Where do you stand in relation to what you are presented with in society? What can you do to activate the full potential of your soul? These are some of the questions that your three energy tools will help you answer. If you are looking to tap into your intuition, to act from a centered place – from the inside rather than letting the outside trigger you-, this workshop is for you.  

Here’s what we’ll do :

  • Clarify why connect with yourself now more than ever
  • the ABCs of the pendulum (types of pendulum, ways to use it)
  • meditation and connection to your soul, to your truth in order to discern its messages
  • energetic activation of the crown and third eye chakras
  • how to make a clear connection to the pendulum and ask questions
  • practice time around discerning truth
  • exploration of body tools (the human pendulum and the muscle resistance test)



  • December 13th at 1pm Eastern time for the French workshop.
  • December 19th at 1:00 pm Eastern time for the French workshop – English to come in 2021.


Where will the workshop be held?

Online, on the Zoom platform.  

So, are you joining me?

N.B. The pendulum is not included, but strongly recommended during the workshop in order to practice the various exercises proposed. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and the information shared during the workshop is only a way to access your intuition and does not replace prescription or medical advice.