What’s in your field is part of your health puzzle


What is your chronic story? Self sabotage with food? Back pain, allergies, gut issues? A child who is different, who is vulnerable to any change in his environment?

I have my own story of back pain and gut issues. But I refused to let it become who I was and started to look for alternatives – healing alternatives – but also opening my mind and soul to a different understanding of what was going on. 

After studying the body and food in health coaching, I still had to explain why one would not have results expected when doing the right things. Do you wonder about that too?

Maybe you’re seeing a doctor, maybe a naturopath that made you change your way of envisioning your health and the active part you’re playing in it. Maybe you’ve been doing good since then. But there is still something wrong because the pain comes back. 

What I understood over the years is that in order for the physical body to thrive, the energetic bodies have to be acknowledged. But we often go too fast and jump into conclusions while looking at only one layer of the body : the physical one. Because it’s there, it’s super tangible – no abstraction or imagination needed. And with all that science backing it up. 

The energetics of chronic conditions

I’m using this term to refer to all illnesses, diseases or patterns that come and go in cycles, or that stick leaving you depleted, in pain, or frustrated because of that repetitive self-sabotage. 

I made few videos to explain what feeds your conditions – the fertile ground they grow into – and what triggers their expression. I’m sharing with you how some elements are creating blocks (traffic jam) in the highways of communication in your body creating misinformation, chaos, disruption, inflammation.

He is a visual of my conception of the energetics of chronic conditions. 

Chronic Conditions Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

You can download the pdf here if you want.


Did you know that your cells were communicating through light and that this was enabling all of the chemical reactions to take place? The scientists discovered the biofield, the biophotons and their light emissions as a way to transmit information inside of the body, but also gathering information of what is going on outside of the body.

So our magical body is organizing itself from the frequencies entering the biofield.

Now, everything has a frequency. Sounds, emotions. And this biophysic work is regulating the biological processes happening in your body. 

Harmonious light emissions = harmonious body (health)

I see traumas a blocked pathways in the body – disorganized biophoton emissions. A physical trauma can create chaos, an emotional one too. Here is the complete explanation.


Trauma - The energetics of chronic conditions

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Lack of nourishment

The body and the soul need to be fed by the best nutrients out there – high vibrational emotions and activities and good quality food.

What is energetic nourishment to you? What feeds your heart and soul? What feeds, stimulates your mind? 

Do you need love, compassion, ease, openness, belonging, acceptance? 

What is it that you’re not offering yourself? 

What can you do on a regular basis to take care of your heart? To feel whole, loved, confident, worthy?

The answers of these questions are the food you need to put in your energetic plate. 

Lack of nourishment - the energetics of chronic conditions

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We live in a super toxic world. Unfortunately. GMO, EMF, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, all kinds of lab developed food and products to fit our lifestyle.

We are disconnecting from nature, from our body and what our immune system is built to deal with – which is bacterias, virus, parasites, mold. 

That toxicity that we are inhaling, eating, drinking, absorbing through the skin builds up in the body – overloading our detox track, creating confusion and chaos in our cells. The body may not recognize what it’s dealing with and start an immune alarm. 

Or it may also just be overwhelmed by the burden of so much toxins to process. 

And above that, we are bombarded with EMF that are disrupting the brain and whole body weakening it or just making it even more vulnerable and sensitive, reactive.

I know it’s not the happiest of subject. But don’t be scared, you got this. You got the power.

The power to choose and to nourish your body to help it detox. You got the power to discern what are to toxic thoughts going around in your head. What are the constructs that you chose to believe in? Are they helpful or are they creating void and separation inside of you? What are the toxic relationships you are still feeding?

Toxicity and chronic conditions

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Ok, this has been the most challenging part of my healing journey but also the most exciting when I discovered how we were allowing them to have such a stronghold. Let me explain.

Parasites can create quite a mess in your body, sucking out life force, disturbing different body systems. 

They love your weak spots, your toxins, especially the heavy metals. Your sugar. 

Let me mention one thing right away : we all have parasites. All of us.

But parasites don’t seem to create problems to everyone. Some people live well with them, some don’t. Of course, you’ll say that our genes, lifestyle, general health has to do with it. And you’re right. 

If the toxic load is not too big, the detox pathways are open, then one can get rid of them or at least control their invasion. 

But parasites are not just physical creatures. They are energetic too : opportunistic energies waiting for you to open up to them.

I explored my own parasite story and wondered what was allowing the creatures to have such a strong hold on me even after taking the right medication and supplements. 

I had a huge ah ha moment when I understood how some emotions were acting as doorways for the energetic parasites to reach me and my clients. 

There are several emotions that act this way : not belonging is a big one, inadequacy – self worth and boundaries – confidence too. Every emotion that creates emptiness, a void inside that you just need to fill in to feel complete, enough, loved, whole. 

What happens is that you open up your arms to whatever is there that can fill you up. But let me tell you that it’s not all light and love out there. There is a lot of opportunistic energies ready to take any space you’re making available. 

So this weakens your body as it weakens your soul. See it as letting in and embodying some very low vibrations that disturb the light emissions, creating a perfect spot for real parasites to thrive.

And from my point of view and experience, you can’t think about getting rid of those parasites for good – or any chronic conditions for that matter – without first dealing with these emotions – these open doorways. 

You need to create awareness, to clear them and to nourish that space in you. That’s what I do with my clients. 

Then, when you’ve done that, your physical healing modalities (supplements or medication) will be super effective as they should be. Because the highways of communication inside of you are clear.

Parasites and chronic conditions

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Let’s wrap it up

If you had one thing to remember form all of this is that : 

in order to heal a chronic condition, all layers of your being need to be acknowledged. 

Taking care of the energetic layers go hand in hand with the physical body – supplements, herbal support, nutrition, mouvement. Both biophysical and biochemical pathways need to be explored, cleared and nourished. 

As long as there is an open energetic doorway, the triggers will find their way in. 

Energy work as done in the Chakredy® framework has the power to clear energetic roadways – highways of communication in the body. 

All the awareness that it creates around your condition and experience is super empowering and it optimizes any physical healing modalities. 

That’s why I think that Chakredy®’s work is a huge addition and such a great and potent complementary modality to the work of all biological doctors and naturopaths. 

Joining energy work to physical support creates real magic and healing. 

If you’re out there searching for answers for yourself or your kids, please reach out to me. I have no magic spell. You’ll have to work and take responsibility (which gives you power by the way) – but I can tell you that I’ll be delighted to facilitate your healing, your freedom and give you back your full power over your condition. 

If you’re a practitioner, I would love to connect to see how we could collaborate to make this world a better place, a healthier one – for the children and their parents.