Do you have parasites? If you’re struggling from any chronic condition, the answer is probably yes. Sorry about that. I know it’s gross. And I know how difficult it is to get rid of them.

Do you want to know why?

Because they feel they belong to you. And they do, as long as you don’t fully belong to yourself. 

A short story on belonging

When I was 17, I moved to Mexico city for a year. I left everything that I knew – the people, the language, the way of being, the culture, the school, the friends – to go live a full immersion.

You know how we need friends, we need a group, we need to belong during these teen years? So I got there, in a new family, with 3 new sisters to learn to know and two new adults acting as parents. All I wanted was to belong as fast as possible. I was different but only wanted to be like them, accepted, loved.

It was a lot to ask, a lot of adaptation, or learning. It was rich but super stressful. And I felt I was adapting fast. A part of me was belonging, bits by bits to this whole new world.

But then, I had a huge block to belong deeply – a cord I should say – and that was my mother. She was making sure I was remembering where I was from. Making sure I wasn’t having the time of my life. Making sure I remembered she was my mother and that the Mexican mother was not. You see, my mother had her issues and was pulling that cord hard on me. I felt ripped apart.

I just so wanted to belong there. And I so wanted to still belong back home with my friends and mother. 

And I got sick. I caught a bug – a parasite that I fought for years with medications, supplements, diets.


What does my parasitic invasion have to do with belonging?


So yes, I was in the right environment to catch one – in Mexico where food and water could be contaminated. But how come it got so intense, so deep, so chronic for me? How come it stuck there for years even taking all the right drugs?

That’s where the energetic piece makes its entrance. That’s where it gets interesting and tricky. And that’s why it took me more than 20 years to get rid of it.

So what is belonging exactly? Belonging is to feel whole. To accept all parts of yourself, even parts that society don’t seem to like or approve. Belonging is to feel loved. From your family, your friends. Is to feel part of a group, a tribe, feel part of a plan, feel part of something bigger than yourself, a calling. Belonging fills you.

Feeling that you don’t belong creates empty spots. It tears you out, it separates you from what you deeply are, part of yourself, or from the others. 

And you may have felt like that black sheep for a long time. When you are that black sheep, you still can find belonging inside of you and even other black sheeps around you.

And that’s where confidence plays such a huge role in belonging. How to belong, stay centered, connected, when everything outside feels different and strange? Many teenagers feel this. And that’s why I feel that these emotionally challenging years are so crucial to consider in our health history when dealing with chronic conditions.

When society – let it be your tribe, your family, your employers – doesn’t want to see and love some part of you – it separates your energy, it divides you.

And what is your reaction when something breaks, is divided? You want to make it whole again. And so here is what happens : you open up to anything that could complete you, make you feel whole. But let me tell you one thing. Opening up that way, with no filter on, no discernment of what is going on and what is out there can be dangerous.

There are many opportunistic energies out there waiting for you to open up, to share a void for them to fill. Parasites. Energetic parasites. 

When they enter your field, they stick to it. They feed from it. They resonate with your needs and take a hold on your stomach energy and from there move to other organs weakening them and creating that perfect weak spot for real parasites to be hosted.

That’s what happened to me in Mexico. My confidence was shaky, I was outside of everything I knew and was trying hard to belong and feel whole, fighting to find my voice and place – with a mother who was creating more and more separation inside of me. The fertile ground for a parasitic invasion was set up. Perfect. And I ate something, I drank something with that physical trigger – a real parasite – and it got right where it wanted, creating quite a mess in my digestive track.

For years, I fought that problem only looking at it from a physical point of view. And so all of my efforts, all of my time, energy and money invested in therapies or healing modalities were giving me very short time results.

Because my field was still compromised. My arms were still opened to opportunistic energies. I still had that unresolved not belonging piece to deal with. I had to close those doors in order to heal, in order for all of the physical modalities to be as potent as they could be. I had to work on belonging to myself, to give a voice and space of all parts of me. I had to clear those leaks, clear those unhealthy cords, and feed my energy from within. 

That is how and why I feel that belonging is such a huge piece of the chronic part of any condition. That energetic part – those parasitic energies – are disrupting the healing pathways, the harmonious communication inside of your energetic and physical body – because you know that it starts on the energetic level – the biophysical level.

So, go back in time. Maybe when you were a teen. Think about how you were feeling.

Any specific period or event that could have triggered that not belonging emotion inside of you not such a long time before you started to be sick or experience some patterns?

Please share your experience and insights in the comments below. And know that there is a way out of your chronic condition – an energetic way.

Take care!