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To work with your energy is to create a space of consciousness within you, a healing space where any blocked energy circuit can be released.

You’re living with chronic pain that doesn’t seem to leave you alone.

Food intolerances, allergies, fibromyalgia, Lyme, digestive issues…

It is irritating, constricting and paralyzing. It exhausts you and you dream of regaining well-being, fluidity, lightness. And joy.

You constantly feel stuck, in front of the same pattern that hinders your expansion, limits your full potential.

Something is holding you back, you know it. If only you could understand where the resistance comes from and what causes it.

You’re tired of going around in circles, but you’ve already explored several avenues to free yourself from the weight you carry.

They were all restrictive, complicated, limiting. It’s exasperating.

What if there were something else possible?

Accompagnement enfants - Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

Hi! I’m Madeleine.

I know too well how you feel, I’ve been there. Chronic pain, digestive problems, patterns, I’ve had plenty.

And it was my quest for healing that led me to find the tools (Chakredy®) to go to their sources and free them.

And this is exactly my mission with you: to guide you in discovering the sources of your problems, of your ills, and to free you from the parasitic energies that are linked to them and that block your full potential. All this, in the most tangible way possible.

What is going on?

Your pain is born from a thought, a word, an emotion. It has become housed within you and, in the process, it has slowly weakened certain organs and systems of your body that have become more sensitive and vulnerable.

A huge door opened and allowed parasitic energies to enter you and feed off your energy, your strength, and create even more damage.

Energy can materialize in diseases, stomach aches, mental fog, anxiety, joint pain, psoriasis, allergies, weight gain… In short, in chronic illnesses that you have to live with on a daily or cyclical basis.

Or not. It’s up to you.

accompagnement enfant - Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

You deserve better.

How would you like to find ease in your daily life?

Not to be free of challenges (by the way, if someone offers you that, be careful – there’ll always be obstacles and that’s fine), but to get over them more easily. To have resiliency made easy, let’s say.

To live with confidence, with a free body and a peaceful soul?

Coaching énergétique Chakredy atelier utilisation pendule

What’s the result?

My approach allows you to create a space of consciousness, to understand and feel what is really going on in your energy. Awareness is the most important vector of healing.

By putting words to your pain, together we can release what is holding you back, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You will feel at peace, equipped to keep moving forward despite the chaos, more centered, resilient, and above all, whole.

After all, what could be better than being you, fully and freely?

What if you opened yourself to a new perspective on your being, its needs and the way it expresses them to you?

It’s time to end this war and unite body, heart and mind.

What do the sessions include?

Each session is unique and reveals a new layer of potential to be activated. They take place virtually or online while you go about your business.

Each session includes:

Madeleine Wéra-Bussière - Energetic wellness

An energetic assessment related to your current challenge and the interferences/distortions found in energy

energy work Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

The energy work itself : the clearing of interferences and the activation of energies to support your whole being.

A video summary or a virtual meeting to share with you what was done during the session with my advice and best tools to support you.

energy work Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

A written summary of the priorities of the work done with a visual to synthesize the information and see the evolution from one session to the next.

I turned to Madeleine for a recurring health problem that was affecting me on a daily basis. I was curious about her approach.

Her intuitive and very human side allowed her to suggest to me, with great respect and listening skills, new avenues to solve my problem. She also suggested ways to change my way of reacting and thinking about several aspects of my life.

I have applied many of her advice and I can say that I have considerably reduced the impact that my health has on my personal and daily activities. Thank you Madeleine for your help!

Julie Rochon

Here is the effect that the 7 weeks of energetic detox had for me, but also for my partner.

Right away, I can see that I have regained contact with my intuition. I am much more aware of the signs I am receiving and I am much more able to listen to them.

I have also chosen to love myself deeply and completely. As a result, I always feel I am in the right place at the right time. I don’t always understand it, but I feel it.

I live most of the time in consciousness. This leads me to be more present to myself and the people around me. It also makes me want to make big changes on many levels.

I reflect and question what I need to feel peacefully connected. Same thing for the lover who finally managed to talk to me about his states of mind and emotions.

Our life is really changing direction at all to realign ourselves with our core values.

I realize that I now allow all my ideas to exist without judgment.

I’m really happy about this.

I have gained confidence and assurance that everything is going to work out for the best. I now understand my strengths which are very different from before but are the same. What defines me as the human being I am is unaltered and perfect.

Chantal Thisdale

How does it work?


Choose the most appropriate package for your challenge

I offer you four options: a single session, a 3 or 6 month follow-up, or a full day intensive in-person.


Book your package

You will be able to choose between different payment options.


Fill out the intake form

With your purchase confirmation, you will receive a link to fill out a questionnaire that will give me all the necessary details to understand what you are experiencing and what you want.


Go to your inbox

You will find a welcome email including the starting point intake form and the date of the beginning of our energy work. All the details of the chosen package will also be included.


Get the summary or appointment time for your session.

On the day of the first session, you will receive a new email with the video, the written summary and the date of the next session. If you have chosen to meet online, you will already have received the appointment date by this time.

Sessions are held every two weeks to allow time for your energy to work.

*If you have chosen a package with several sessions, I will send you a form between sessions so that you can notice the evolution of your energy and direct me on your progress. I will also be there on Voxer for your questions.

I offer you three possibilities remotely or virtually :

Here is a little discount coupon if you need it : 5D15.

What if we dove headfirst into your concern, together, in person?

All In type? Here is a full day intensive for you.

The intensive offer is focused on YOUR condition – only that, all day long, in full depth – so we can unpack it, reveal its roots causes and put in place the tools that will then allow you to healing.

It’s an intensive, intense day – all the blocks, energy leaks, ties and strings, generational imprints and constructs will be reveals to be cleared. 

You dive, which means you don’t stay on the surface. We will get to the roots of your problem by releasing several layers of energy.

Journée intensive en personne Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

All day long, you are my priority.

Your health and well-being are your priority.
All of my tools will be at your disposal.

Get ready to explore, discover new possibilities and your own super powers.

service femmes women Madeleine Wéra-Bussière

What will we do?

Pure magic.

In addition to understanding how your energy presents itself, we will work on what triggers it, what fuels your condition and makes it chronic.

We’ll reveal your weak points and bring them back into balance through a light emission test.

We’ll clear all the energies that interfere with your well-being and health, and create your energetic healing space.

We will experiment and find the healing modalities that resonate most with your energy and increase your vibration.

Nourished, heard, and equipped – that’s how you’ll feel.

What’s included?

• 5h together of work on your needs from every possible angle

• About 1 hour of lunch (on me, of course)

• A snack and beverage

• A welcoming and quiet place in the Eastern Townships to facilitate the flow of energy

• All the material necessary for the exercises you’ll do (small gifts)

An all-inclusive day

You just have to get there

1800$ + tx

Any questions?

How long does one session last?

Each session is unique. Although the first session is often longer as I get to know my client’s energy for the first time and get a complete picture, a shorter session can follow, but can be just as intense and powerful. On average, a session lasts between 45 minutes and two hours.

I respect my client’s energy as well as my own. Pushing the work too far, because you want to do everything in one session, doesn’t give good results.

How do I know what will be worked on in each session?

Thanks to the initial form you filled out, I can identify the challenge and create sessions on the themes identified. However, during the energy work, I let the energy guide me since only it knows what is ready to be released and what is a priority to work on for this specific issue.

One session can be very focused on unresolved emotions, while another is focused on working on the physical body systems.

Do you offer follow-ups?

Yes, an email follow-up is included for the single session, while I am available for questions and comments on Voxer for packages of six or more sessions.

How do you work?

Chakredy®’s toolkit allows me, with the help of specific pendulums, to communicate with the energy of my clients. I work mainly from the chakra system and the organs’ energy that give information on all aspects of my clients’ lives, but above all, they help me to identify what is most important. This enables me to put words on wounds, and to go to the roots of a problem by directing the energy properly.


I also have tools to work on the physical layer of energy and to communicate with the different systems. The frequencies emitted and captured by my tools allow me to release energetic overloads or to nourish lacks in all the systems of the body. I can thus guide energetic toxins to their way out and allow supporting energies to enter and be absorbed and integrated.

Are sessions transferable?

Of course! If you feel that you had enough, you can transfer the sessions to someone else, as long as that person agrees to fill out the service agreement and discharge.

Is it possible to receive treatments in a more condensed manner than every two weeks?

Yes, but only according to the rhythm that the energy will have revealed to me. I usually leave two weeks between each session because I have observed that this is the optimal interval both to let the energy work, to set, and to let my clients observe the changes. Too much, too fast is not what I recommend. However, for special needs, I’m sure the energy would prefer to work in a more condensed way.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, if you wish to cancel an appointment without rescheduling it or cancel an entire package before it has started, I offer a refund if you cancel within 72 hours before the scheduled time of the first energy session that I will have emailed to you.

Is it recommended to do energy work at the same time as another type of treatment?

Yes, my approach is very respectful and gentle, yet very powerful. I deeply believe that this energetic work is a perfect addition to an alternative medicine approach, as in naturopathy, or even traditional medicine.

My work allows to optimize the body’s communication circuits. As a result, the substances or supplements you take or the work you do with another therapist can only be maximized.

How about a treat of wellness?